These Walls Will Fall


In a not too distant future, where the nation is under the rule of a conservative government, LGBTQ rights are curtailed, ethnic groups are segregated in boroughs with no running water or electricity and the Internet has been removed.

Homicide detectives Brian Bones and Jasper Collins are called to the murder of a famous television clown. The crime confounds them as the victim has not left his dressing room but has still been murdered and mutilated. Once they find out that the victim identifies as a clown, a lifestyle accepted by the previous, liberal government, the investigation takes them to Pierre Row, also known as Clownville, but the murder and motive might be more sinister than they expect.

These Walls Will Fall is the first story set in a dystopian future where the original government has been overthrown in an event people refer to as The Storm or The Hurricane. Death Squads patrol the streets and terrorize the citizens. Collins and Bones, two detectives torn between their duties and moral code, are constantly fighting the horrors of what their government is doing.


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