Chronicles From Around The World

Chronicles From Around The World

by Eugenia Fain (Author), Saurav Dash (Cover Artist), Blaze Goldburst (Narrator) 

Chronicles from Around the World will inspire you and change your life forever. A book for every poetry lover.

Eugenia Fain is a seasoned author who has over forty years of experience (though only fiftyish years old) in writing poetry and prose. She is an international author featured online and on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. Eugenia writes, reviews, edits, and designs covers for books. She hosts and takes part in dozens of anthologies. She has submitted her own ideas for collective works to editors.

Eugenia hosts and takes part in many online contests for glory and a stipend. She records and analyzes audiobooks for quality control. She enjoys reading tutoring, preschool teaching, and poetry readings in person and virtually. Eugenia writes about modern and age-old traditions from various countries. She enjoys her international and American friends from the comfort of her abode In South Carolina. She shares her space with her husband (Ivan) and her tabby cat (Buddy). She has no children of her own.


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