OKÉÍKPÓ: The Wise African Agama Lizard


In this African folklore, an ancient metaphorical Agama Lizard known as Okéíkpó, was a prodigy, master in the art of telling time, with unequaled and precise accuracy.

He was a time consultant that gave advice to farmers about when to plant and harvest their crops. This Agama lizard, Okéíkpó by name, also forecasted seasons, and told times to his inquirers, because at his time, there were no clocks, calendars and watches.

Therefore, this mythical African Agama Lizard, armed with his wizardry and mystical knowledge, helped and guided the people of the dark centuries by giving them the accurate time of the day and the times and seasons most suitable for farming activities.

He was also very proficient in settling disputes, especially regarding land cases and controversies between Disagreeing communities.

Okéíkpó possesses the mystical power and skills of communicating with the spirits of the dead and the gods over an issue of clarity and revelations.

He was endowed with the wisdom of King Solomon of old.

Read more to discover how Okéíkpó could settle a fierce communal war that claimed uncountable lives of the two warring communities, with his unmatched ancient, and seasoned wisdom, received from the gods and the spirits of the dead.


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