Reverend Crown – Royalties 2023

The royalties for book sold before 31st March 2023 and which have reached a 5 USD threshold will be paid during the first week of April 2023. After March 31st 2023, the royalties page will shift to and can be viewed there. 

Blaze Goldburst Technologies has only collaborated with Reverend Crown in Marketing. Reverend Crown is in no way associated with

Both are different companies. Here, the authors published by Reverend Crown can view their performance and also get tips and insights to improve their performance in the marketing of their books. 

Reverend Crown – Author Performance

Note: The Author receives 5% royalties from the Publisher Royalty after the publisher pays 15-30% taxes, which goes to different platforms, distributors, retailers and any third parties involved in the distribution or supply of your book. 

Royalties are not calculated from the MRP of the Book. Different platforms take a heavy cut, the printers take a large chunk and the publisher after paying all these platforms receives the royalties, which is often as low as 10% or as high as 60% of the MRP or sometimes even less. It depends on the platform, the version of the book or could be due to sales in countries where the MRP could be too little. Royalty rates are not absolute and may be subject to change. Every country sells book in different rates, different retailers or distributors take a huge chunk. 

What would not count as a sale?

The books that have been returned or destroyed will not count as a sale. Also, discounted author copies would not count as a sale. Readers on both online or offline platforms often return books and bookstores too return the unsold stock. Those books which do not sell and are returned, destroyed, discounted author copies, or destroyed stock won’t count towards profit at all.

The Author and the Publisher are not the only ones that receive royalties or derive income from the book sales. There is a huge pre-publication and post publication cost, infrastructure cost involved too. Graphic Designers, Editors, Beta Readers, Narrators, Book Marketers, Distributors also receive their cut from the Publisher Royalty apart from the investment which Reverend Crown Publications puts on hiring different companies and employees that work work with Reverend Crown.

This page will only reflect book sales and author performance.

Royalties will be paid every financial year. The next financial year for payment of royalties is March 2023. It means the books that are published from December 2021 to December 2022 will be counted.

The minimum threshold for royalty payment is 5 USD. Royalties below 5 USD would roll over to the next financial year, which is March 2024, and added to whatever revenue the book brings.

The author and the book marketing team will work together to improve the performance of their books. 

Let us work together and improve our performance. 

Your books are not only sold online but are also available in select bookstores in India.