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Welcome to Reverend Crown Publications. The #1 Traditional Publisher for Aspiring Authors. We are offering free resources for authors. You’re a writer. You have talent and dreams, but at times, you may feel like those dreams are just out of reach. So where do you start? At the right place, Reverend Crown Publications.

Find helpful articles and videos that will help you during your journey to becoming traditionally published.

Why Reverend Crown is the No.1 Traditional Publishing Company for Aspiring Authors?

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Which manuscripts are rejected by Reverend Crown? | Traditional Publishing Company, Aspiring Author

Can your Self-published Book get a Traditional Publishing Deal? | Reverend Crown Publications

Does Reverend Crown Self-publish Books? | Traditional Publishing vs Self Publishing

eBook vs Paperback vs Hardcover Books: Which edition will Reverend Crown publish?

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How long does the traditional publishing process by Reverend Crown take?

What is the traditional publishing process of Reverend Crown?

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