FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I submit my manuscript? What genres are accepted by Reverend Crown Publications?

We only accept electronic submissions. You can email us your manuscript and a synopsis to submissions.reverendcrown@gmail.com

We accept manuscript submissions in all genres. Traditional Publishing should be accessible to everyone. Whether you are a rising or aspiring author, Reverend Crown Publications will make your dream come true. 

However, we don’t publish textbooks or low-content books or journals. If you want to self-publish your book, then you can take the book publishing services from our partner imprint reversedorderexistence.com by Blaze Goldburst. The Global No.1 Book Publishing and Video Content Creation Services for Authors, Entrepreneurs and Professionals.

Can I know about the royalties, book advances, distribution and marketing strategies?

Reverend Crown Publications is the No.1 Traditional Publisher for rising and aspiring authors. We are the only platform which makes traditional publishing accessible to all aspiring and rising authors and not just limited to a chosen few. We are a new publishing company founded in the year 2019.

Royalties– We provide 5% royalties to all authors. 10% royalties when book sales touch 10,000 copies or more. Royalties are non negotiable. It is a traditional publishing deal and we are striving hard to make publishing accessible to all authors for free. When you prosper, we prosper.

Book Advances- We don’t pay advances to authors. You only earn royalties. Our team of graphic designers, editors, narrators/audio editors, the marketing team and others will be working on your book. We pay and get paid only when your book gets sales.

Distribution– Your book would be distributed across all international stores online. It will be available across hundreds of platforms. There will also be a special focus on distribution in India.

Marketing: We have partnered with Blaze Goldburst Technologies. Video content creation is our No.1 long-term asset in this digital age. We would target all potential readers and bring your story out to the world.

How long will it take to hear your response about my submission?

We respond to all queries/submissions within a month.

How do I contact you?

For manuscript submissions: submissions.reverendcrown@gmail.com

We don’t receive phone calls due to a very busy work schedule.

My book is already self-published before? Can it be accepted for traditional publishing?

Your book will be accepted for traditional publishing but before that there are some rules to follow. 1) You should own all the copyrights 2) You agree to unpublish the self-published version 3) No other publishing company should have rights over your work or feel that their rights are violated

How would I receive my royalties and when?

You would receive your royalties semi-annually or annually through PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer or any other payment methods as suitable. You would be notified about the number of copies sold across all platforms.

Will my book be published as an eBook only or other versions too?

We would publish your book in Paperback, Hardcover, eBook, Audiobook and any other known/discovered technologies which might come into existence.

How long will it take for my book to get published?

It will take around 3-6 months. Our team of editors and marketers will stay in touch with you during the process.

Can I stay in touch with the marketing team?

Yes, we would advise you to do so but only after your book gets published. You can contact the marketing team at blazegoldburst@reversedorderexistence.com 

Please try not sending us any emails regarding your book during the publishing process, unless asked. Because of a high volume of submissions, we may not answer individual queries at all times. Kindly be cooperative and patient. Our team will stay in touch once your book is published. Traditional publishing process takes time, and it involves a lot of effort. Your prosperity is our priority.

I am unable to understand the difference between traditional publishing versus self-publishing. Can you guide me?

Watch this video and you will know it all. You can support our efforts clicking the SUBSCRIBE button on our YouTube Channel. It is free.