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Reverend Crown Publications Private Limited was founded in the year 2019. The No.1 Traditional Publishing house for rising and aspiring authors.

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Traditional Publishing should be accessible not to a few but to everyone. Whether you are a rising or aspiring author, Reverend Crown Publications will make your dream come true. 

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Reverend Crown Publications

Reverend Crown Publications is the No.1 Traditional Publisher for rising and aspiring authors. We believe traditional publishing should be accessible for all aspiring authors and not just limited to established authors. Your prosperity will always be our priority. The world needs to hear your story.

We welcome manuscript submissions in all genres (fiction, non-fiction, self-help, dystopia, science fiction, fantasy, chic-lit and more)  from national, international authors, established and debut authors. All submissions should be sent electronically (Two sample chapters and a full synopsis of your manuscript) at

We do not accept books in the low content niche.

However, if you want to self-publish your book in any genre, you can contact our self-publishing imprint by Blaze Goldburst

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Best Selling Books

Best selling books

reversed order existence

Reversed Order Existence

Lord's Ordinary Children

No.1 Traditional Publisher for Rising and Aspiring Authors

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Saurav Dash, Publisher

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Our Self-Publishing Imprint by Blaze Goldburst was found by Blaze Goldburst in the year 2019. 

All authors, entrepreneurs and professionals deserve success. Why choose self-publishing your book from You can find the answer from the video above. by Blaze Goldburst specializes in Self-Publishing, Audiobook, Video Content Creation for Book or Business Promotion and a lot more. Whether you choose the traditional route or the self-publishing route, the choice is yours. 

Your prosperity is our priority. Act now, be an inspiration, get your story out to the world and be a success.