Which manuscripts are rejected by Reverend Crown?

Which manuscripts are rejected by Reverend Crown?

Which manuscripts are rejected by Reverend Crown?

Textbooks, books that come under the low-content niche like journals, blank pages, notebooks, etc. For children’s picture book submissions, please make sure your illustrations are complete. Don’t send unedited or unpolished, half-written manuscripts or in the case of children’s picture books, you should not submit just to get the company into the burden of bearing the expenses for the illustrations. Unless you have a strong and compelling marketing plan to share about this or you have already done the picture book illustrations, your manuscript submissions will end up in the slush pile.

Only submit fully edited, error free, with no punctuation errors and it should be a grammatically correct manuscript. If you are unable to edit it on your own and feel that English is not your first language, you can use the Best Book Editing Software for Authors. The link is in the description below. It will save you time and your book will become readable.

Reverend Crown is giving a chance to every aspiring author with great potential. You need to be very serious about your writing. If you are not serious about your craft, then how do you expect the readers to take your book seriously?

The aim of Reverend Crown is to get traditional publishing accessible to every aspiring author with great potential. You need to cooperate in the process.

Also, even after you submit your manuscript, Reverend Crown will reject manuscripts that are defamatory or contain elements of blasphemy or attacks on any religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity, books that promote animal abuse and cruelty, biased opinions against any country or any derogatory content which has the potential of spreading hate crimes or violence. There is a lot more. Reverend Crown has no place for prejudices. Keep your personal biases up to you. Keep it locked and never let these mean and bad things come out to make someone’s life miserable. Everyone deserves to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Reverend Crown stands for equality for all and believes in the inclusive society. We all have the right to live in peace and not get pitted against one another or spread any kind of hate.

There is enough hate in this world. All we need is love, peace and prosperity for all.

All authors with great potential deserve all the success. Your prosperity is our priority. Traditional publishing should not be the zone dominated by the established. New voices need to be heard.

I am Blaze Goldburst, the CEO of Blaze Goldburst Technologies. Wishing you immense success in your writing career. We help authors in Book Publishing and Video Book Marketing.

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