Can your Self-published Book get a Traditional Publishing Deal? | Reverend Crown

Can your Self-published Book get a Traditional Publishing Deal? | Reverend Crown

Can your Self-published Book get a Traditional Publishing Deal? | Reverend Crown

Most traditional publishing companies will not accept books that are self-published before. They always seek manuscripts that are fresh and which have never come before the public.

Usually Reverend Crown will prefer manuscripts which are not self-published before. However, if your book has potential, it will be accepted. But there will be some mandatory rules to follow.

  1. You should agree and immediately remove any trace of the self-published version of your book from all platforms. It could be any platform where you have self-published before.
  2. You should own all the copyrights and are willing to transfer all the rights to Reverend Crown Publications. Traditional publishing is exclusive and you cannot publish elsewhere or terminate the traditional publishing agreement with Reverend and you cannot simultaneously begin publishing your book with different companies.
  3. You will not violate the rights of any other publisher or even Reverend Crown Publications. All rights should be transferred without violating anyone’s rights. No other publishing company should ever have any right or any sort of control over your work in any version.
  4. You should have the utmost transparency during the manuscript submission process for traditional publishing and submit all details regarding the self-published version of your book.

All authors with great potential deserve all the success. Your prosperity is our priority.

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 Traditional publishing should not be the zone dominated by the established. New voices need to be heard.

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