What is the traditional publishing process of Reverend Crown?

What is the traditional publishing process of Reverend Crown?

What is the traditional publishing process of Reverend Crown?

Reverend Crown is a traditional publishing company. Traditional publishing is free. Reverend Crown doesn’t charge its authors. The author submits their manuscript and if their manuscript gets accepted; they receive a traditional publishing agreement, which is then signed by both the author and the publisher. It is an exclusive agreement, where the author transfers all the rights of their book to the traditional publishing company.

The entire staff at Reverend Crown works on your book. They are professional graphic designers who design your book cover and do the interior book formatting, an editorial team that works on the editing aspect and ensures that your writing reaches the highest quality and also becomes error free. A lot of research is also involved during the publications process. There is a creative team that comes up with ideas. Be it Cover idea concepts, interior or could be in researching various content, marketing ideas and a lot more. There are distributors, book marketers, audiobook narrators and a lot more people who work with Reverend Crown.

Everyone plays a major role in creating your book.

Reverend Crown brings in the best quality books. It has researched the market well. The readers judge a book by its cover and content.

All authors with great potential deserve all the success. Your prosperity is our priority. Traditional publishing should not be the zone dominated by the established. New voices need to be heard.

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