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How author royalties are calculated by the traditional publishing company “Reverend Crown”?

How Author Royalties Are Calculated by Reverend Crown? Traditional Publishing

The Author receives 5% royalties from the Publisher income or profit only after the publisher pays 15-30% taxes, which goes to different platforms and any third parties involved in the distribution or supply of the book.

 The Author Royalties are not calculated from the MRP of the Book. Different platforms take a heavy cut, the printers, other platforms, including local bookstores, third party distributors take a large chunk and the publisher after paying all these platforms their dues, receives the income/profit, which is often as low as 10% or as high as 60% of the MRP. It depends on the platform, the version of the book, or could be due to sales in certain countries where the MRP could be too low because pricing of the books vary across different countries.

Royalty rates are not absolute and may be subject to change. The rates are different across the world.

A book on sale in the US and purchased within the US would generate higher royalties than a book sold in India. Similarly, a book on sale in the US might generate very little royalties if purchased by a reader outside of the US. Various factors like shipping, taxes, where custom duties are also calculated and many more factors come to play.

The Author and the Publisher are not the only ones that receive royalties or derive income from the book sales. There is a huge pre-publication and post publication cost, infrastructure cost involved too.

Graphic Designers, Editors, Beta Readers, Narrators, Book Marketers, Distributors and a lot more staff also receive their cut from the income apart from the investment which Reverend Crown Publications puts on hiring different companies, and employees, both full-time and part-time that work with Reverend Crown.

Author Royalties will be paid every financial year, which comes in the month of March.

The minimum threshold for royalty payment is 5 USD. Royalties below 5 USD would be rolled over to the next financial year, the month of March, and added to whatever revenue the book brings and if it reaches the 5 USD threshold, then it would be paid to the author.

The author and the book marketing team will work together to improve the performance of the books. Please remember. Responsibilities are always shared. The author must get serious in promoting their books. The book marketing team “Blaze Goldburst Technologies” and the traditional publishing company “Reverend Crown” will also support in this process.

The author must promote their book actively through social media by creating videos, writing blogs, building a website, which would boost their social presence. A real social capital is a necessity in this digital age, and so is adding value to the lives of the potential readers. It would bring sales. The author can also promote their book amongst their audience both online and offline.

All authors with great potential deserve all the success. Your prosperity is our priority.

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 Traditional publishing should not be the zone dominated by the established. New voices need to be heard.

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