The Abominable Marriage

The Abominable Marriage



When Okechukwu learns from his parents that he has a sister who is married in a distant village, he decides he must see her, and he does all he could to achieve that. He finally succeeds and goes to live with her. There, he grows up and meets one young lady called Ojiugo, and they agree to get married. Unfortunately, during the courtship, Ojiugo becomes pregnant with Okechukwu. At these points, surprise, uncertainty and fears are created, and lies told Okechukwu and Ojiugo desperately do everything they could to keep the pregnancy secret.

The Abominable Marriage is a book which will hook you from the beginning and keep you reading to the end. It is a powerful tale of community, tradition, deceit, love and lies.

Book Cover by Blaze Goldburst & Saurav Dash


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