Why Reverend Crown is the No.1 traditional publishing house for aspiring authors?

Why Reverend Crown is the No.1 traditional publishing house for aspiring authors?

Why Reverend Crown is the No.1 traditional publishing house for aspiring authors?

It is the only traditional publishing company which believes to give every aspiring author with great potential… a chance to be published. To make their dreams come true. Reverend Crown believes that traditional publishing should not just be the domain conquered by established authors only, but should be accessible to the aspiring authors too.

Because you, as an author, deserve to be a star. Your prosperity is our priority.

Hi, I am Blaze Goldburst, author of Reversed Order Existence, CEO of Blaze Goldburst Technologies and the Marketing Head at Reverend Crown Publications. Today, I am going to bring before you the most sought after topic for authors seeking traditional publication and how Reverend Crown Publications is the only door to their rescue and how it is going to create a revolution in the world of traditional publishing.

Yes, traditional publishing is a long way road. Every aspiring author with great potential faces a ton of rejections, barely gets acceptance, their effort gets wasted, their dreams crash. They realize they had spent years into writing their book, but not a single publisher cared to even look at it.

Those publishers who claimed to be traditional instead took into their wing only the established authors, only gave them the chance who guaranteed to mine them all the gold. They did not care to take the newcomer, the struggling author. All doors were closed for them. The last option left for these authors was to lose all hopes and venture into self-publishing.

Some authors with great potential after facing months and years of rejection began pooling all their resources, spending thousands of dollars in hiring graphic designers, editors, beta readers, book marketers, audiobook narrators, editors… in-order to see their book come to life. But there were other many unfortunate writers who could not afford to do it. They did not have the skills to do it on their own or to hire.

They decided to quit, and there were some others that decided to produce substandard material which ultimately got lost into the ocean of bad content with poor quality cover, formatting issues, editing issues and a lot more which could disappoint any reader.

Reverend Crown could not see the pain of the aspiring author with great potential. The pain of the writer crying out loud to see their dream come true. To become an author, to venture into the book world, to be accepted, to be made to feel important, to let the new ideas and literature come to the fore. The traditional publishing was not meant to be dead for the aspiring authors with great potential. It should not just be a land for the established or just dominated by the famous or the wealthy.

It was meant to live. For you, for literature.

So, in the late 2019, Reverend Crown Publications was found. This was the platform that every aspiring and rising author could call their own. It made every aspiring author with great potential to believe once again in their dreams and to realize that Traditional Publishing is not dying. It will continue to live and not just be limited to established authors.

Reverend Crown will create the scope, help you succeed and get the aspiring author with great potential, the place that they have always deserved.

You can support the voice of the aspiring authors by ordering a copy of their book from the links in the description below. The Book Merchandize is also available. Get yours now and let us celebrate the journey of the aspiring author. Let us strive to bring a change in this Book Industry together.

This video series will be getting longer, and you should never miss it.

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2 thoughts on “Why Reverend Crown is the No.1 traditional publishing house for aspiring authors?”

  1. I feel GOOD going through the video !
    I must be very close to my dreams of getting my works published.

    Blaze Goldburst, the anchor in the video additionally thrills me with her voice that reminds me of my “darling”, Palki Sharma, the News Anchor at Gravitas TV.

    I love Reverend Crown Publications and am sending my manuscript right away.

    ” God” bless you !!!

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