The Mysterious Child

The Mysterious Child



Mr Andrew and his wife Angela were married for 6 years but could not have children because Angela was barren and they were also very poor. They had little, save a small piece of land and an old barn which Mr Andrew inherited from his late father. Mr Andrew faced the threat of losing his inheritance to a local bank over a debt owed by his late father but inorder to prevent that, Mr Andrew and his wife did menial jobs to raise money to repay the debt and to survive, and despite going through tough times, they still showed kindness by sharing the little they had with several homeless children living in the streets of which, out of kindness they took such children into their home away from the streets, gave them shelter in their old barn and cared for them as they would their own children, not knowing that their act of kindness didn’t go unnoticed by one of the children.

Who was the child? What did he do? Unravel this mystery with The Mysterious Child…


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