The CCTV Thief

Mr. Liku lives his life happily with everything going on well in his family and even in their business, but suddenly things go wrong when he is kidnapped by night thieves out of nowhere. 

The CCTV Thief is a book that shows the importance of the digital world and how it has made things work easier with little energy required. The digital world has brought the world closer as there are easier ways to communicate, travel and deliver the information faster. Also, security devices have made it easier as they record every information which can be retrieved faster and easily in case of any emergency. 

Be prepared for a real life experience like never before. This captivating book revolves around the modern technology and security surveillance in an urban society. As you follow through reading this gripping story, you will come to realize some surprising information that is not meant for anyone to know about. The CCTV Thief is a heart-warming story you will never forget. 


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