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Ludlow’s Daughter

Ludlow’s Daughter



The selfish actions of a lecherous daughter, June Ludlow, in the distant past, lead to gross disloyalty in a business deal, and finally murder by a close family associate.

Before the final death blow, Reuben Ludlow delivers a curse upon his assailant, Harlan Clark.

Two hundred years later, as the curse proclaims, the ghost of Reuben Ludlow reveals his grave to a descendant, who is a combination of clans, “Clark, and Ludlow”.

It is this daughter, Brenda Ludlow, who would live out the curse according to her involuntary destiny…

Ludlow’s Daughter is a spine-chilling book that is a must read for horror romance fans. It is a very suspenseful story and will linger in your mind long after you have finished the book.

Book Cover by Blaze Goldburst & Saurav Dash


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