How Africa Can Develop Africa

How Africa Can Develop Africa



HOW AFRICA CAN DEVELOP AFRICA is Research on Pan-African Development, projecting African Vision 2040. It captures the Multidisciplinary dimensions of Pan-African Political Economy, and how this will create expansion for Emerging Markets for European Industrial Output. Policies and Strategic Plans for income re-distribution, Sustainable Democracy, Good Governance and Economic Justice were discussed. Such integrated the facets of reduction in unemployment, agricultural and the manufacturing sector productivity for achieving Sustainable Aggregate Economic Development in the next two decades.

This book will serve as a source of policy and research materials for the Public, Education and Private Sectors of the Economy. Center for Strategic and African Studies in America, Europe and Affiliate Sister Organizations, African Union, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, African Development Bank, and other Countries of the World, in and beyond Africa, will use this book for Strategic, Political and Economic Policy Making. Seminars, workshops, and other related programs on Millennium Development Goals can be conducted with this book.

Book Cover by Blaze Goldburst and Saurav Dash


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