Planet (Onfein) in the constellation, Pieces, is home to a population known as Urezko. The planet and the population exist in The Age Of Serenity, where health, beauty, and accomplishment has no limitation. The entire planet and the Ureezko are cursed by the queen of the sub-galactic realm, Izar Neskamea. Genetic mutation sets in, causing the planet and its population to mutate. Because of this mutation and the consequential violations of divine law, the supreme Lord Of The Universe, Janiko Gorino, smashes planet, Onfein, into two halves, creating planet, Elbear. More mutated elements of Ureezko are placed onto this planet, Elbear. The planets are condemned to being rivals for all future time.

The story is futuristic science fiction. While there may appear to be a creationist initiating element to this tale, the broad beginning intent was to explain the story’s origin, and the conflict therein. Philosophy is combined with raw action, then reflected back on to the ground creatively, in a manner recognizable to the reader as being an angle of perspective he would love to reach out and seize hold of.


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