The Weeping Love


The Weeping Love entails a stimulating romance story which depicts some sad occurrences that often plague love regime and provoke unconscious disintegration in marital union. The book attempts to present love as an original instrument whose power works mechanically through the power of nature over which the human mind, heart, and soul have no absolute control. It essentially argues that the natural price for love is love and not luxury and other influential elements, including money, power, as is considered by many persons as a precondition for sustainable marital union. The book equates love to truth, which is never susceptible to falsehood.

It presents the fact that love, like the sky, which is often defaced by dark cloud, love has its unavoidable share of temptation, frustration, tears and other vices. It maintains that sustained love, like long-lasting peace, results from social turbulence and conflict.

Readers will realize that love that serves as long-lasting foundation in marital life is rarely earned on the silver platter; like gold, it is has its own processing fire, including temptation, disappointment and frustration. Indeed, marriage tested by these factors often enjoys endurance and blessings. Contained potentially with literary exposition, the book is also annexed by captivating poems and some philosophical expressions that are useful for a daily guide.



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