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The Red: Scarabite Trilogy (Book 1)

The Red: Scarabite Trilogy (Book 1)



There have been six cycles of life before us, each of them wiped out by an extinction level event. Now it’s humanity’s turn. Within this universe, there are many natural and supernatural creatures who battle in the darkness for control. Humanity has so far been ignorant of their existence, relying upon myths, legends and children’s stories to explain the unexplainable.

But when a team of US soldiers awaken an ancient monster trapped in the caves of Afghanistan, they unleash an unstoppable power. As the creature uses the available resources and her own vast power-stores to battle American forces inside and outside of her cave complex.

Modern technology proves useless against a 10,000-year-old creature capable of manipulating, corrupting and distorting everyone and everything in her path. Half-demon and half-vampire, she views humanity like cattle and her release marks the beginning of the end.

Book Cover by Blaze Goldburst & Saurav Dash


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