God’s Plan for Humanity in this Final Hour: The World in Prophecy Now

Have you ever wondered why God created humankind? Do you have dreams? Have you ever wondered what the kingdom of God is about? Many people need answers to these questions and this book will answer them for you.

God’s Plan for Humanity in this Final Hour is a very comprehensive book with well-researched information, it will help you see why man was created and the only way to restore that lost glory when your eyes will be opened to how from the very beginning God has been giving revelations through dreams. You need something greater than science. There’s an area of life that science can never touch, but the author believes God can touch! Sadly, people are losing hope in their future because, unlike science, they cannot track their future with the present. This book will give you a better understanding of your past, present and future…

In God’s Plan for Humanity in this Final Hour we answer the question: what is God’s plan for humanity? We also look at the question of why prophecy is important and relevant to a world that is moving progressively towards the End Times.


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